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New York German Shepherd Breeder with Puppies for Sale | Highlander German Shepherds



                          Where DREAMS are Shared and MIRACLES are BORN 

We do not have any puppies available at this time.  Please see "Planned Breedings" on the Puppies page.     

                 Maverick with his son Apache   


  '"Best         Apache

               Apache von Highlander                                     


Join us at the 2014 Bark For Life

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On Instagram username is HighlandersGSD

             Scout (Maverick/Phoebe Son)       Apache (Maverick/Phoebe Son)

               Maverick & His son Apache

           Holly with her newborn puppies


      Our Puppies

  Jenny Shepherd von Highlander (Tisha/Yacco Daughter)   DJ von Highlander (Maverick/Nika son)

       Caiya and her beautiful puppies   Nika with her granddaughter Mackenzie Mac von Highlander

      Caiya von Highlander (Maverick/Phoebe Daughter)     Crockett von Highlander (Maverick/Phoebe son)  Dante (Maverick / Nika male 16 months old)


      Maverick and his puppies and great friends at the 2010 Bark For Life at Bear Mountain    Phoebe

    Alisia and Apache   Kenz & Scout

Alisia & Foxi


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         Mackenzie Mac von Highlander (DJ/Tisha daughter)



Foxi     Alisia and Maverick BEST FRIENDS FOEREVER



Our dogs represent what every German Shepherd should be!

                             They have it all!

Temperament/Intelligence/Working Drive/Ability/Confirmation/Size 

Their pedigrees are comprised of many German World Siegers such as:  

Ursus von Batu, Zamp vom Thermodos, Ulk von Arlett, Rikkor von Bad-Boll, Lasso von Neuen Berg,

Eiko vom Kirschental,  Dux della Valcuvia, Esko vom Danichen Hof, Ilbo vom Holtkamper See,

Fanto vom Hirschel,  Bax von der Luisensrtabe, Visum von Arminius,  Uran vom Wildsteiger Land, 

Quando von Arminius, Hoss vom Larchenhain, Jeck vom Noricum, Zamb von der Wienerau,

Hobby vom Gletschertopf, Yak vom Frankengold, etc.

(among others - view the pedigree pages on each dog's page)

Our dog's ancestry is comprised of  

Internationally Titled World Champions,

Schutzhund Dogs, Search & Rescue Dogs, Police - K9,

Bomb & Narcotics Detection
Animal Assisted Therapy Dogs, Service Dogs,

Guiding Eye Dogs, Disaster Therapy Dogs,

and loving, devoted family companions.


Our dogs are raised with us in our home from birth until they are in your arms!

Highlander German Shepherds came to be after four decades of GSD experience including:
Police K9 Trainer/Handler, Search and Rescue, Pet Therapy, Personal Protection, Herding,

and Advanced Obedience as well as raising Loyal Family Companions.


      We are located in the beautiful and historic Hudson Valley of New York

              Dutchess County - New York

Apache (Maverick/Phoebe Son)        Phoebe watching as Lorraine aka Grammy holds her puppies        Gunner von Highlander (Anika/Campino son)

Maverick, Foxi, Caiya, Phoebe, and Nika just hanging out                 Having fun in the back yard



  Three of our handsome boys at the Cancer Walk     Gia von Highlander & her best friend Dante (Anika/Campino daughter)     Gia von Highlander kisses her best buddy Dante in The Hamptons (Anika/Campino son)

   Highlander Girls:  Foxi & Mika watching the house (Maverick/Nika daughter)         Maverick & his son DJ von Highlander (Maverick/Nika son)     Dante von Highlander puppy pic (Maverick/Nika son)


Lovereen & Henna (Maverick/Phoebe daughter)   Ernie von Highlander (Maverick/Phoebe son)   Max and his kids


Mavi and DJ (Maverick/Nika son)        Maverick & Nika    Dante von Highlander and his little buddy (Maverick/Nika son)


Kanan von Highlander (5 month old Apache/Bella son)            Scout HBT Photography (see links page)


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Visit our facebook page www.facebook.com/highlandergermanshepherds



Website created and maintained by Alisia of Highlander German Shepherds

Copyright 2004-Present  NOTICE: all photos are property of Highlander German Shepherds and are not to be reproduced in any way without written permission.

When it comes to purebred AKC registered 100% Champion West German Shepherds.  Our German Shepherd puppies bloodlines are comprised of an extensive line of champion West German show dogs and some of the very best Therapy and Service Dogs.  If you are looking for a perfect dog for Animal Assisted Therapy, Service Work, Personal Protection, Schutzhund, Search & Rescue, Agility, Herding, Obedience, Tracking, Working Dog Sport, Rally, or a loving family companion, our German Shepherd puppies will make a perfect addition to your family.   

Highlander German Shepherds is your Premier New York German Shepherd Breeder.

We are dedicated to breeding quality not quantity.  We have been life long passionate owners of German Shepherds.   All of our puppies are raised in our home as our family members to ensure human imprinting from birth that facilitates an easy transition into their new home.

Being extremely loyal, versatile, and intelligent makes German Shepherds ideal for families with children too. German Shepherds are highly intelligent. They have amazing strength and agility, which makes German Shepherds perfect for personal and/or professional needs. 

Thank you for visiting our Website.  Please feel free to call us for more information at 845-724-4773. 

Highlander German Shepherds has been founded on a lifelong appreciation and passion for the German Shepherd breed. We are located in the beautiful and historic Hudson Valley of New York.

Highlander German Shepherds is a top notch New York German Shepherd hobby breeder and we are dedicated to breeding quality not quantity. We practice the highest standards in breeding to eliminate genetic defects and health problems. We have been lifelong owners of German Shepherds that share our love and passion with every family we have provided a puppy to.  We affectionately refer to the very special people that have our dogs as "The Highlander Family."

Thank you for visiting our Website.  Please ask us about the German Shepherds that we have for sale. Highlander German Shepherds has been founded on a lifelong appreciation, passion, and love for the German Shepherd breed. We are located in Dutchess County, New York.

Copyright 2004-Present  

NOTICE: All photos are property of Highlander German Shepherds and they are not to be reproduced or copied in any way without written permission.

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